About the Toowoomba Hot Rodders Club

Hot Rodders was formed in 1996 when the members of the Toowoomba Street Rodders and the Over the Hill Gang decided that the city wasn’t big enough for two clubs. From that time the club has grown to the point where presently we have 26 members. The club is very family orientated with wives and children being involved in most activities. Our members attend most runs wether they local or interstate. We also have our monthly runs, such as a breakfast, coffee, runs etc. Our main feature of the year is our “High Altitude Rod Run” which is now into its twelfth year we have 100 hot rods and from across the state and NSW attend at the weekend.

The Club meets on the third Tuesday of the month at 7.30pm Club House at Toowoomba Grounds. Visitors and new members are welcome.

The club is not a Hot Rod Club only but also includes people with Pre-65 ASFR Classed vehicle
If you have a pre-65 ASFR Classed vehicle and are a member of the ASRF please feel free to contact us in regards to joining our club.

For information on ASRF class vehicle refer to the ASRF website handbook

For inquiries please contact the club secretary on tmbahotrodsec@hotmail.com
Toowoomba Hot Rodders Club Inc
P.O. Box 6139
Clifford Gardens
QLD 4350

     Committee members:

  • President: Shilo Armitage
  • Treasure : Kelley Twidale
  • Secretary: Tony Rehn